I'm 12 years old and in the 7th grade. I live with my mom, dad and dog, Wicket. I started writing my first Upper Middle Grade novel, Age of Aliens: Safire & Igneous, the summer before I turned 10. And since then, I've had an uncontrollable love for writing that has bended the way I think and dream.

In my spare time, I love reading dystopian, sci-fi and fantasy books, reading graphic novels, eating pizza and vanilla ice cream, watching the Gilmore Girls with my mom, watching comedic movies with my family, being weird and goofy with my friends, and of course, writing.

On the reading front, I love everything Marie Lu writes, the Hunger Games series, the twisted world of Keeper of the Lost Cities, the addicting story of Divergent, and just about anything Harry Potter. I think my Kindle might explode one day from all the books I've read. Overall, I love to read (if you haven't already noticed).

School is a huge part of my life. It connects me to all my friends (well... right now texting and Zoom do) and has taught me so many different things. I pretty much love every subject you can hand me. One of my favorite subjects includes the broadcasting class I've been taking this year. I love leading others and video editing. I've found a passion in that class, but I've found an even bigger passion in math and science. And from the skills I learn there, I want to become a doctor (I'm still deciding which field to go into).
Learning empathy and making a true difference in others' lives has been my goal from the start. And by becoming a doctor, I can make a difference and learn about the intricate human body which has fascinated me so deeply in my short 12 years.