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Reading to Girls in India
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I didn’t really speak until I was 3. My mother worked with a Speech Pathologist and tried everything to get me talking. The most important thing she did was read to me. You see...even though the words weren’t coming out of my mouth, my mind was working. And it was growing a love for books and storytelling.

When I finally did start to speak, I was speaking in almost full sentences. I could tell her what types of books I was interested in reading. I devoured all types and went on journeys to foreign lands, different worlds and even different universes.

We would drive home from swim practice at night. I wanted to read for the sometimes 45-minute drive, so I tried wearing a headlamp at night to see the words. Eventually, I got a Kindle with a backlight where I could download and read 100s of books.

It is through my love of reading that I fell in love with becoming a writer...a storyteller. And through that love that I started to write my first Upper Middle Grade novel, Age of Aliens: Safire & Igneous, and now my second, Age of Aliens: Azul.


After I published my first book, I decided to donate all of the proceeds to a literacy charity because of what reading means to me. In searching for the right charity, I found Worldreader and really fell in love with their mission.


I know I am lucky. My parents had the financial means to buy me books. To buy me a Kindle, so that an entire library is at my fingertips. That is what made me really excited about Worldreader. They are supplying kids in need with an entire library at their fingertips.


And, now, I am proud to say that I am officially a Worldreader Champion!


Worldreader believes that readers build a better world. Working with partners globally, Worldreader supports vulnerable and underserved communities with digital reading solutions that help improve learning outcomes, workforce readiness, and gender equity. Combining 21st century technology, a library of culturally relevant digital books in 52 languages, and integrated support – Worldreader helps millions of children and youth across the Global South read. Over the past 10 years, Worldreader has reached more than 13 million people in communities where paper books, including storybooks and textbooks, are scarce. Worldreader supports programs in five regions (East and West Africa; Latin America; the Middle East-North Africa; and South Asia) while readers across 47 countries benefit from our digital library. Since 2010, Worldreader has distributed over 40 million digital books to readers around the world.