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I am an author of two science fiction/fantasy novels.

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Safire Waters and Igneous Stone have never had a normal life: flying in sarcastic AI ships, learning to become teen warriors, and solving the most important mystery with minimal clues. Now, their obstacles are skyrocketing on planet Azul.


Safire is trapped in a stressful and violent life that she never wanted. Her problems consume her every thought and make her oblivious to those she loves. However, she must throw aside her doubts and take care of her duties as the daughter of the Warfare General.


“Magmian” has a new meaning for Igneous. His race separates him from everyone he wants to protect, and his anger has been fueling the inner Magmian fire within. He will still do anything to save those he loves no matter how difficult, and no matter what the cost.


These two are inevitably strung together and must battle as saviors once again. But do they have the willpower to save the universe? Can they break the chains that once held them down? Or will their journey come to an end in the hands of Obsidian Slag? 

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 3.18_edited.jpg


Safire Waters has seen the hospital an unlimited number of times, has skin that turns yellow and can’t stop empathizing with other people. Igneous Stone wishes that his new military coach would stop taking over his life and gets visited by one of the most powerful beings on his planet.


When these two teens from different planets meet, their worlds rock. Igneous gets an opportunity of a lifetime, Safire has to survive on her own in the wilderness and fate keeps pulling them together.


This sci-fi fantasy will take readers into a whole new world full of illusions, complicated relationships, memories and betrayal.

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